Kevin Hammond Master Thatcher is pleased to have been awarded entry into the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

The Guild of Master Craftsmen is the UK’s most established trade association representing skilled tradesmen who strive for excellence in workmanship. In essence, the guild brings skilled people engaged in craft, art, trade, profession or vocation in order to safeguard the interest of craftsmen and the public. This therefore ensures the minimum qualifications for membership and preserves the high standard of the guild; by excluding the unskilled.

All guild members have been assessed and vetted to earn the right to be called Master Craftsmen and are required to submit references and reviews from satisfied customers. 

Ongoing membership requires the aims and objectives to be maintained and strict codes of practice to be upheld.  

When you employ a member of the guild you can have peace of mind and assurance that your project will be treated with the utmost care, skill and respect. To view my Guild of Master Craftsmen listing click here.

Please use the link to the right of the page to access the Guild of Master Craftsmen website.

Guild of Master Craftsmen banner